street dreams

For the Urban Arts Festival „Street Dreams“ in Essen Katernberg, I created the visual identity, logodesign, printmaterial and website. This four-day event brought together artists from the local and national Hip Hop scene to energize the neighborhood with unique art projects, including dance, graffiti mural paintings, and rap concerts. My goal was to create a visual character that radiates warmth and openness, while also paying nostalgic homage to the origins of Hip Hop, yet maintaining its contemporary relevance.

Curated by Pottporus e.V., the festival is a highlight of the Urban Arts scene in the Ruhr area, held in cooperation with PACT and WerkStadt in Essen-Katernberg. With a comprehensive program ranging from artist talks and creative workshops to DJ sets, „Street Dreams“ celebrated urban art culture and addressed significant societal issues.

In my design work for „Street Dreams,“ I chose a color palette of warm colors to create a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. The headline typography mixes two font families to emphasize individuality and a playful character. The logo pays tribute to the influential movie „Beat Street,“ which played a crucial role in the development of Hip Hop culture in Germany.