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mid 2022 – now


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posters 2023
beg 2023 – mid 2023


mixed martial arts

Inspired by: walking down Schanze.


digital collage
Nov 25 – 2022

Inspired by: don‘t remember

back of pack

digital collage
Aug 25 – 2022

Inspired by: Conservatives who denounce alternative ways of life as parasitic.


digital collage
Sep 06 – 2022

Inspired by: Alternative people who live in conservative structures and dare to venture into the unknown.

back of pack

digital collage
Oct 10 – 2022

Inspired by: Density of posters in public spaces, full of visual stimuli and mixed styles.


digital collage
Sep 02 – 2022

Inspired by: Expanding digital surveillance to protect society

too lost to be found

digital collage
June 25 – 2022

Inspired by: Photography of Sorin Mihai Calitescu

porsche 911 carrera

digital collage
July 20 – 2022

Inspired by: Controversial political content of neoliberal political parties in Germany


digital collage
Aug 14 – 2022

Inspired by: Theories and alternative facts that cannot be surpassed in absurdity and incompleteness.


digital collage
Sep 11 – 2022

Inspired by: Police violence that is not processed


digital collage
Aug 25 – 2022

Inspired by: Conversation outside of a club

blast from the past

digital collage
Sep 02 – 2022

Inspired by: Flashbacks and dejá vus with loads of information that suddenly, out of nowhere hit your brain.

zed´s gonna be dead

digital collage
Aug 25 – 2022

Inspired by: the revenge of Mr. Marsellus Wallace


digital collage
Nov 12 – 2022

Inspired by: vintage movie posters from the russian avantgarde

Ronald Dumb

digital collage
June 02 – 2022

Inspired by: guess what!