promptography / AI Image prompting


In this personal project, I delved into the fascinating intersection of artificial intelligence and fashion design. The aim was to create a series of AI-generated images that maintained a consistent aesthetic across all visuals. This involved standardizing the color palette, location, lighting, and clothing style.

For the clothing designs, I chose to experiment with unconventional materials such as pool noodles and swim floaties. The goal was to push the boundaries of traditional fashion design and showcase the potential of creativity when it comes to AI-assisted artistry.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this project was the ability to generate detailed mood boards using AI. By precisely controlling various parameters such as lighting, camera settings, model poses, and composition, I could create highly specific and cohesive visual narratives. This method opens up new possibilities for fashion designers to visualize and refine their ideas before moving to the production phase.

This exploration not only highlights the artistic capabilities of AI in fashion but also demonstrates practical applications for AI-generated imagery in the design process. By leveraging these tools, designers can efficiently experiment with different concepts and achieve a high level of detail and consistency in their mood boards.

Overall, this project has provided valuable insights into the integration of AI in fashion design, showing how technology can enhance creativity and streamline the conceptualization process.