promptography / AI Image prompting


I tried to visualize the transformation of Gregor Samsa from Kafka’s „The Metamorphosis.“ The aim was to explore creative approaches in image generation to depict how Gregor might have looked after his transformation into an insect.

To achieve this, I employed two distinct methods. The first approach involved designing a costume that could realistically portray Gregor’s metamorphosis. This included intricate details to capture the grotesque and unsettling nature of his new form, while maintaining a sense of realism that aligns with Kafka’s vivid descriptions.

The second approach took a more fantastical route, leveraging AI tools to create a full, realistic transformation of Gregor into an insect. This method allowed for the exploration of various interpretations of his new form, focusing on elements such as texture and anatomy. The AI-generated imagery provided a rich and detailed visualization, offering a glimpse into the possible appearances of Gregor Samsa as imagined through the lens of modern technology.

Both methods provided insights into the creative process of visualizing literary transformations. The costume design emphasized the practical aspects of bringing such a character to life, while the AI-generated images offered an expansive view of the creative possibilities.